Quote(s) of the Week (June 2, 1996)...

On Having Nothing to Hide ...

"Heavens, no! It could get subpoenaed. I can't write anything."

    --Hillary Clinton asked in an interview on PBS' "The NewsHour with 
      Jim Lehrer" if she kept a diary.  Washington Times, May 29, 1996.  
      Page A10.

On Vintage Bill Clinton ...

"Let me get this straight: Clinton never relied on the Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act to postpone the sexual harassment suit, and to prove it, he is amending the brief to take out the part that he never relied on in the first place. That's vintage Bill Clinton."

    --Haley Barbour, Republican National Committee Chairman.  Washington Times,
      May 29, 1996.  Page A10.

On the State of Education in America ...

"A group of high-school seniors in (it happened to be Arkansas but it could have been any state that commits public education) was given this poser: What is 27 per cent of 100? In order not to wound the students' self-esteem, we carefully report the results in language beyond their grasp: 50 per cent of them flunked."

    --National Review, June 3, 1996.  Page 14.

On the Cause of the State of Education in America ...

"For instance, the Standards omit the Federalist Papers, the seminal print debate on the proper relationship between government and the people. But under a Standard having to do with "changing gender roles," students are supposed to be thoroughly up on the 1848 Seneca Falls "Declaration of Sentiments," an early landmark of the feminist movement."

    --Robert Holland, columnist with the Richmond Times Dispatch, referring to 
      the newly updated National History Standards.  Washington Times, 
      May 28, 1996.  Page A13.

On Finding Good Help Nowadays ...

"Ever mindful of their boss's long-standing problems with an independent counsel (not to mention a continuing audit by the General Accounting Office), two female secretaries detailed to [Commerce Secretary Ronald H.] Brown entered his office around 10:45 a.m. and, according to informed sources, shredded a number of personal documents kept in a safe. Around noon, using a dolly, they removed two large, brown cardboard file boxes filled with documents. The boxes haven't been seen since, and the shredder was removed from Brown's office later that day."

    --From the American Spectator, according to the Washington Times,
      May 30, 1996.  Page A1.

On a Constitutional Amendment that I Must Have Missed ...

"Instead of a Christian nation under God we are officially now mandated to be a country with no formal recognition of God, whether God be Christian, Moslem, Hindu or Unitarian."

    --General Counsel Dexter Douglas urging his boss and long-time friend, 
      Florida Governor Lawton Chiles (D) to veto a bill which would allow 
      "voluntary nonsectarian prayer" at school events statewide.  Governor 
      Chiles took this advice and vetoed the bill.  Washington Times, 
      May 31, 1996.  Front Page.

On an Unbiased Media ...

"The media are in such denial over Whitewater that our study found, in many cases, that there was more coverage of the Jackie Onassis auction than there was of Whitewater. This is just one reflection of the cozy relationship Bill Clinton has with the Washington media."

    --The Media Research Center in the conclusions of an 11 week study (2/29 
      to 5/20) of ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN.  It showed that the networks aired 
      only 23 reported based Whitewater stories on their evening news shows. 
      Eleven of the 23 stories focused on President Clinton's testimony at 
      the trial and 'NBC Nightly News' aired only one reporter-based story 
      in the entire eleven weeks.  CNN ran 10 of the 23 stories.  
      Washington Times, May 31, 1996.  Page A7.

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